Tropical Storm Lidia

Well it’s September! That means the rainy season has started. We had our first big storm on August 31st.

Rainy season in Todos Santos Baja

Lidia dumped two times our annual rainfall in ONE day! Twice our annual rainfall!

In Cabo San Lucas, where there is a lot of development in arroyos she did a lot of damage.

Here in Todos Santos, the entire town is away from the beach and far from arroyos, so we were very lucky.

Rainy season in Todos Santos Baja

We jumped in our car and set out to check out the running arroyos. Do not try driving through arroyos at home!

catching Tadpoles

Rain means frogs lay their eggs! Frogs come of hiding and lay their eggs in the puddles that form. We scooped up some eggs and took them home to watch them grow.

Rainy season starts in September in Todos Santos, Baja

Rainy season starts in September in Todos Santos Baja

I’ve spent just as much time as the kids staring at these little creatures. Turns out we have two different kinds! Frogs and toads! The little frogs already have four legs and are hopping out of their pond sit along the banks.

The toads are bigger. I can’t wait to watch them develop!

At first I felt a little guilty about trapping these wild animals and nervous about killing them, but the original puddle we scooped them out of is now dried up. Their brethren probably didn’t make it.

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