How I picked a career and came to Mexico

It started when I was 24 and searching. I had just finished college, I had embarked on a bicycle trip from Minneapolis to Seattle (in March! That’s a blog post in and of itself), and I had flown back home to….my college town.

So now I was a townie. Great. One of those weird older people I had hung out with as an actual student, wondering in the back of my mind why they didn’t go forth after graduating.

I had graduated in Spanish, without any actual plans as to what I wanted to do with my life. I found a job as a teacher’s aide in a classroom designed for high school students with autism.

It was definitely fascinating and challenging, but I guess I wasn’t ready to settle down because soon I grew weary of being stuck in a building all day. I distinctly remember being bothered by not experiencing weather. If it had rained that day and I didn’t get to feel it because I was working, I was very disappointed. Continue reading

Stepping away from the treadmill: a month of get-togethers

no more hustling: a month of get togethers

It’s been a month of get-togethers and kid-fun!  Carlos and I have been thrilled with the chance to step away from work and reconnect with our kids, friends, and family.

We visited Carlos’s second mom Alejandra in Cabo.  She’s the one under the blanket.

Back story: Carlos grew up in a family of 9 kids out on a ranch, far from schools.  His mom sent him to live with her friend in the city of Cabo San Lucas so he could get an education when he entered first grade.  What a heart-wrenching decision!

Funny story: Continue reading

How to make ceviche: raw fish salad!


Ever since I moved to Baja in 2008, I’ve served and been served ceviche at get-togethers.  Ceviche is to choyeros (people from Baja) what brats are to cheeseheads (people from Wisconsin).

Ceviche has a reputation for being an aphrodisiac.  We eat a lot of ceviche and have a million kids, so that might be true, but it’s anecdotal.  What I do know for sure is that it makes you feel so good after you eat it!  No fat, lots of lime, lots of veggies, raw fish.  I definitely feel a good energetic buzz after eating it.  And it’s certainly not heavy and doesn’t make you feel full like those brats and cheeseburgers from back home. Continue reading

A farmers’ date night

A bit of parenting advice I hear over and over again is to keep your relationship with your spouse special: make time for each other, without the kids, and set a regular date night.

Well by night-time, I’m pretty much not fun company anymore, so last week, we went on a date breakfast. We hired a sitter, and went to La Esquina for some quiet, uninterrupted conversation. It really was recharging, and I vowed to do it again. Continue reading

Little chicken farmer

Leon is pretty much the hardest thing in my life right now. If you haven’t had a toddler in your life recently, you have no idea. If you used to have toddlers in your life, you have forgotten how terrible it is.

Now I understand the “terrible twos”. I used to think it was about tantrums and being stubborn, but in Leon’s case, it’s all about GETTING INTO EVERYTHING QUICKLY. Continue reading