Where to eat chilaquiles in Todos Santos

My sweet friends and their one-year-old visited for 10 days.  It was my first time seeing them as parents.  I’ve known Christine since 4th grade, so I watched with wonder as she bent down to Phaedra’s level to fix her hat, or converse with her.  How is this the same person with whom I played Nancy Drew, sought out mud puddles, and played Barbies?


Eating breakfast in todos Santos

Naturally with visitors in town, we went out to breakfast a lot, and each time we went, se me antojaron chilaquiles.

se me antojaron means “to be appetized by”, or “be in the mood for”

So I went with it and got chilaquiles at every place we went to.  A clear winner stood out, and we ended up going there twice!

chilaquiles are a pile of nacho chips, wet with red sauce (or green), and topped with fried eggs



La Esquina’s fabulous garden hang-out space

The Tour

1. La Esquina Cafe: Everyone’s favorite place to hang out in Todos Santos.  Built by the town’s favorite yoga teacher and her landscape-artist husband, La Esquina has a beautiful garden, friendly staff, and everyone knows your name.

2. Alma & Manny’s: This place has won the hearts of Todos Santos. She started 2 years ago with a pot of tamales on the side of the road, and now she has her own restaurant, dishing out good food for dirt-cheap prices.

3. Caffe Todos Santos: This cafe opened 20 plus years ago, before there was much of an immigrant community at all.  Everyone raves about their coffee.  Their chilaquiles were awesome!  The chips were light and crispy, and yet perfectly moistened by the sauce.  The winner!

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