Too busy? How to slow down and start living: Take time to Make Time

Anyone else out there feel like they have too much to do and not nearly enough time to do it? And when you start feeling like that, do you buckle down and eliminate fun-stuff or less urgent tasks, and try to get all the important stuff done, right now?

I do. When I’m overwhelmed, I tend to want to cut out all the self-care practices that keep my brain-wheel well greased. Making time for friends, exercise, meditation, fun kid crafts, and keeping the home tidy are always out the window when I feel like I need to get ahead.

(ok, truth: the reason I don’t have a meditation practice to cut is because it’s always the first to go, even before it ever gets started).

It’s so funny, what exactly am I getting ahead of? What do I think will happen when my to-do list is crossed off?

(Cue God, descending from the clouds, with a glass of champagne, “You did it Caroline! You’re the best human! NOW you can have some fun!”) Continue reading

Why I stayed in Baja and launched my own business

In Part One, we saw I came to Baja and connected with Dominique, who is a farming aikido teacher. She welcomed me into her home and taught me everything she knows. We worked on the farm, practiced aikido, and made a ruckus in our off-time…

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There are two reasons why I stayed in Todos Santos, Baja Mexico instead of continuing my farming tour of Latin America: Business & Love.

The expat Community in Todos Santos

Todos Santos has a really special expat community. I imagine most expat communities are a little bit special because they are made up of seekers trying to find their little piece of utopia.  Since everyone who arrives is looking for something special, they put their best foot forward.  They imbue the place with the qualities they are looking for.  Here, Todos Santos is known for Continue reading

How I’m fighting my smart phone addiction

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I love my phone.  And I hate my phone so much.  Sometimes I just want to throw it across the room.  But, my precious, my precious, I would never hurt you, no.

I shared a photo on Facebook. It was really sweet. Ryan and I, with his big toothy mouth. I took the shot, noticed my finger was in it, took another shot, and then took the time to post it to Facebook right then and there.

In that moment, I was connecting and sharing with all sorts of people, friends and family all around the world. Lovely.

In that same moment, I was taking a picture of myself connecting with my son, except that in the act of taking the shot (and re-taking the shot) and sharing the shot I had to disconnect from my son. I had to mentally leave his space.

After I posted it, we re-connected; we laughed and giggled. Did that moment in time when I mentally checked out really matter? Continue reading

What’s wrong with Millennials anyway?

I came across this quote from Danielle LaPorte yesterday: “You’ll know you’ve found the goals that are aligned with your core desired feelings when the path to your intentions makes you feel more alive, not less.”

It resonated so deeply and underscored a struggle that I think is not only personal, but also generational.

I know hard-work gets you places…but what if the place it gets you is not where you meant to go? Continue reading

How I picked a career and came to Mexico

It started when I was 24 and searching. I had just finished college, I had embarked on a bicycle trip from Minneapolis to Seattle (in March! That’s a blog post in and of itself), and I had flown back home to….my college town.

So now I was a townie. Great. One of those weird older people I had hung out with as an actual student, wondering in the back of my mind why they didn’t go forth after graduating.

I had graduated in Spanish, without any actual plans as to what I wanted to do with my life. I found a job as a teacher’s aide in a classroom designed for high school students with autism.

It was definitely fascinating and challenging, but I guess I wasn’t ready to settle down. I grew weary of being stuck in a building all day. I distinctly remember being bothered by not experiencing weather. If it had rained that day and I didn’t get to feel it because I was working, I was very disappointed. Continue reading

Crazy fad dieting: trying the Whole 30

I’ve never wanted to diet. Ever. Not even as a sensitive female teenager. My worst body issue was acne, and I didn’t know that that had anything to do with diet.

Instead, I’ve always been a strong athlete: volleyball and softball in high school, and rugby in college. Sports were fun, and running around makes you feel good about yourself. As a Midwestern-bred farmer, I know that a diet rich in whole, real food is good for us. I’ve never been scared of whole milk, cream, butter, cheese, bacon, or organic grass-fed meats.

Now, breastfeeding twins, I’m literally melting away. They’re eating me alive. So, believe me, I’m not doing this crazy diet to lose weight.

Instead, I’m doing it to see if I have any food sensitives. Not allergies. I obviously don’t have allergies, because I don’t choke or pass out or anything obvious. But it turns out that my body is telling me things. Continue reading

No more complaining, part 2


I am sixteen days into my No More Complaining challenge. You can read the introduction here, but basically the idea is to go for 21 consecutive days without complaining. So, like I said, I’ve been doing this for sixteen days, and I’m still on Day 1. The furthest I’ve gotten is three consecutive days!

I’m not discouraged yet, if anything, the opposite. I’m aware of how much I do complain and how much I need to stop!

I do feel positive changes already. I am complaining a lot less, after all it only takes one complaint to set you back to day one. Because I am whining and raging less, I feel calmer and less stressed-out. This is going to be great for my kids, so they don’t learn to whine!

Is anyone else out there trying this out? I want to know if it’s as hard for you as it is for me!

Managing time

My brain and heart are overflowing with things I want to do, but of course I can’t do them all.

First, I used to practice aikido, an amazing martial art, but I stopped when the teachers here stopped giving classes. Well, now Dominique Sawyer Sensei is back at it. I took my sister to a class and we both loved it. I told Carlos I wanted to go once a week and asked if he would please watch the kids. He was not into the idea!

I won’t go into the details of that discussion, Continue reading